Commercial Sewage Systems

Earthworks Environmental have installed many commercial sewage systems throughout the country. We specialise in having all the correct plant, material handling and installation equipment. This insures that no sub contracting is required. A direct working relationship between ourselves and the customer is established.

Earthworks Environmental’s in house services can insure a smooth installation. These services include a full design and build, Permits and discharge consents, planning and building control permission.

We also supply fully trained service engineers who are trained on new and old systems. We also can rework and rebuild old systems to save on disruption.

All our services are nationwide, Please contact us with your enquiry.


150 Person unit installed January 2017

The famous Elizabethan Inn in Devon was having continued problems with its existing septic tank. With the public house expanding its restaurant, there was a need to install a package sewage treatment plant. Due to access restrictions the unit had to be engineered in three separate parts. The work took just three weeks, however at no time was the Inn without services, they continued to trade normally throughout the installation.

200 Person Unit Installation 2015

Haldon Hill service station was completely rebuilt, and like many service stations there was a need to install a sewage system. Earthworks Environmental continue to service the system to insure correct running and discharge to the water course.

180 Person Unit Installed November 2014

With the Otter Nurseries group expanding their stores, there was a need to install a new system to process their waste water, Unfortunately the site had running sand ground conditions. An engineered reinforced slab containing over 80 tonnes of concrete had to be installed due to a restaurant being on the site. A fat trap along with a pump station also had to be installed, We are pleased to say that the system has been continuously running without any problems.

120 Person Unit Installed May 2013

The Lovely picturesque Rugglestone Inn needed to upgrade their septic tank, with a busy restaurant and letting cottages Earthworks Environmental installed a system to deal with the flows and loads from the business. To date the system has been trouble free which benefits the environmental for all.