After being called to an urgent requirement due to a failing septic tank, Earthworks over came many difficult issues with this installation. There were 7 properties in the farm house construction where drain runs, electric, water services had to be changed and re-routed. We engineered deep invert tanks due to the flow having to be split to a 25 person and a 12 person tank, Both systems have been working correctly now for 5 years. references can be supplied.

A small 6 person system was required to rectify a failing septic tank. Due to the position, extra care was taken to install a quiet running air blower due to an autistic boy living at the house and a reading room in the garden. The discharge is pumped to a water course and after 4years the system continues to produce the required effluent standard. Reference can be supplied.

This small 6 person unit was installed in East Devon. Due to the house being A listed building, Great care was taken at all times to ensure the installation looked like the surroundings.

A 40 Person unit was installed in a paddock to replace a failing septic tank in Devon. Stock management and fencing was carried out to protect the installations future.

Two semi-detached houses on Dartmoor required our services, to rework their sewage system. A 12 person system had to be transported across fields and tracks. The reduced excavation proved to be of granite.

Rock hammers where used and a working system was installed in 4 days with no disruption to the household.

A difficult entrance faced us on this 8 person unit. Fences had to be removed and replaced. Gravel tracks reinstalled and the system was sited next to a garden wall within the flower bed.

We have done several installations for the National Trust, These 2 photos show the installation at the time the system was installed and a year later. As you can see the system has disappeared into the surroundings.

Due to limited access Earthworks had to design and install a polishing system for an existing septic tank. The system was added to the rear of the septic tank, which enables the final effluent to be treated to an exceptional standard.

All of these photos show just a small selection of the finished installations that Earthworks Environmental have achieved in the recent years. More details can be supplied if required of each installation.