Sewage Effluent Test

Sewage Effluent Testing

We are pleased to now be able to offer a sewage effluent test, a way of checking the quality of sewage effluents. It is important that the condition of the sewage effluent discharge is checked to ensure they conform to consent limits.

The Sewage effluent tests are based on those recommended by the department of the Environment agency and the Water research centre.

The test covers:

  • Permanganate Values
  • pH Value
  • Temperatures of chambers
  • Turbidity and suspended solids
  • Indications of probable BOD, COD and TOC

The test will conducted on site, and takes approximately 2 hours.

The results will be analysed and a full breakdown will be sent along will all photo graphic material in a booklet for your records.

It is recommended that a annual test is completed to ensure that the effluent quality is within the recommended limits. To give you peace of mind that you’re doing everything within your powers to keep the environment as pure as possible.

From only £99 per comprehensive test.